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Promotion for LifeTime License Users

We offer to switch from Standard to Plus for only $69. For the first 10 LT users a 50% discount on upgrades to Plus. The main advantage of Plus is the availability of functions...


New version WD Marvel 3.3.0

A full list of changes in the WD Marvel 3.3.0 New algorithm for handling error RSC_ALLOCATION_NO_CONTI_BUFFER In the ARCO sequence, the MiniWRRO test is now performed before the MiniIBI test Fixed the viewing of...


New version WD Marvel 3.2.0

A full list of changes in the WD Marvel 3.2.0 In the ARCO process added tests PowerUpBandwidth Calibration, FlexBIAS Calibration, ZeroWRRO “Restart with block loading FW” and “Deal with SlowResponding”, now trys to read...

WD Marvel new version (beta 9c)

Added the list of defects editing, found in the virtual translator SA Overwriting sectors by ID renamed to sectors erasing UA and expanded mode selection Added removal of selected modules Added density reset for...

WD Marvel new version (beta 9)

Added ability to maximize the list of new defect in LBA surfuce scan Fixed head test Added clear SMART warning message In defect list editor added hotkeys insert, delete, enter Added fast resource saving...


We accept PayPal

We are expanding the list of possible ways to pay. Today added the ability to pay by PayPal.