New version WD Marvel 4 (Standard and Plus)

We are glad to present the result of a long and hard work – WDMarvel 4.0!

In the fourth version of the program a large number of new functions have been added, the main one being sector-by-sector copying.
The license is also divided into two types Standard and Plus.

Functions added to the Plus edition and missing in Standard:

  • Added tool for sector to sector copying the drive (fully functional only with a Plus license)
  • Added function for generating module 47 from module 40 (only if you have a Plus license)

With the help of the sector copy function, it is possible to:

  • create a sector copy of the drive to another disk or to an image file
  • copy both forward and backward
  • skip defective areas and read them after copying in the reverse direction
  • copy sectors on an arbitrary head map
  • analyze copied data and find NTFS objects
  • save the copy state and continue from the same place in case of failure

The list of features that are fixed or improved compared to version 3.3.1 and available in Standard and Plus editions:

  • Fixed a bug in the execution of ATA28 commands in the range of LBA 16777216-268435455
  • Fixed a bug in IDE + UDMA mode, sometimes causing the drive to freeze
  • PIO/UDMA selection for WinAPI mode added in logical scan
  • Double click on the restore point, now opens its file in explorer
  • In SelfScan log view added IBI Abort Section information
  • Added Clear IBI Abort Section function
  • Added settings to the creation of the SelfScan script from the log: stop on errors, fix 0xB9 and 0xBA tests parameters, replace 34Dx tests with Dx
  • Added config file fields editor
  • Added mode for comparing config file fields with a config from an module file
  • The license is splitted into Standard and Plus editions
  • NTFS file system parsing added to sector copy
  • In the work with the Memory Table added the ability to set an arbitrary table number
  • Support for USB drives as a receiver has been added to sector copy tool
  • Support for the image file as a receiver has been added to the sector copy tool
  • The functions “Load from SA to memory” and “Save to SA from memory” have been added to the work with Static files
  • New “SA Adaptive editor”
  • Added saving/restoring positions and sizes of all program windows
  • Added Description column to work with ROM modules
  • The function “Load from file” is added to the defects editor
  • Function Restore P-List from the SS log (Cmd) now uses the 3300 module if available in SA
  • The function “Preparing SA for SelfScan” now allows you to run scripts with 34Dx tests
  • Added the ability to select a folder for storing resources other than the program folder
  • Fixed model list editor
  • Added the ability to write restore point file

ARCO process

  • MiniReadWRRO test added
  • MRR Degradation test added
  • AGC Calibration test is renamed to PMET Calibration
  • Seam Calibration test added
  • Servo Process Util test added
  • Servo SPARC test added
  • RCO / NRO spectral TMR test added
  • CBS calibration test added
  • added the ability to use the folder with the packages as a source of FW

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