WDMarvel new version (beta 7)

  • Added a proposal to restore the DIR address to the ROM after formatted SA
  • Added a menu item – open the working directory in explorer
  • In the modules window added output of current working directory
  • Added the ability to describe a group of modules for quick selection in the ModGroups.ini
  • To the logic scan added the ability to automatically repeat the test in finding new defects
  • In the modules window added boot overlay menu
  • To the passport editor added the SSD cache managing
  • To the passport editor added the background scanning surface control
  • Now, in the case of an error RSC_ALLOCATION_NO_CONTI_BUFFER in recording ROM, ROM is recorded sector by sector
  • Added the function of the software restore PList from SelfScan logs
  • Removed Set Drive Format command from the preparations for the ARCO sequence for ROYL disc architecture
  • Added feature to add defects with shift in the defect list editor

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