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    Ok thanks Vlad.

    I am trying to access data on a WD3200BEVT-11A03T0 (PCB 701609) with failed PCB. I have a donor working 701609 PCB from the same model drive, but the donor has a different ROM version, and I can't find a ROM that is compatible with the patient drive to get it to initialise properly.

    Using the donor PCB, I can get the drive to a ready state and read all firmware, but drive shows as 0lba. The modules on the platters which usually contain the ROM modules are all Not Init, so I can't rebuild rom from firmware on the platters.

    According to Module 11 the firmware version is 5002B. Does anyone have a ROM version 5002B from a WD3200BEVT-11A03T0 they'd be kind enough to share?

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    Baraka you can rebulid from Module 40, ROM module 47. 4F you can adapt from donor ROM, 30 module tshi si Plist SA ypu can adapt from donor ROM.
    And Same ROM you can via Terminal in boot code using china Soft on internet you can find it.

    Hello everyone, sorry for my english, because am using google translator.

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    So, I have a few more questions.


    After ARCO and SelfScan pass with new factory FW, how do you enable the ATA security function again? I tried ticking the check box in config mod 02 to change security to supported.
    However, it still won't accept passwords via ATA.

    Also, what does ARCO error code 72ED mean? This error occurs during the RWGap Calibration test.

    BTW, I just found the factory FW package for the HubbleLT2 500GB drive! Which contains mod04. Why were you hiding it? :lol: Currently testing it out.

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