War in Ukraine

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War in Ukraine

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I suggest to the developers and administration of the site, no, I demand, to immediately stop issuing licenses to Muscovites! And block all existing licenses!
Kyiv, Kharkov, Sumy, many other cities are destroyed by rocket artillery and aircraft. Moreover, their goals are residential and sleeping quarters of peaceful Ukrainian cities!
I hope for your understanding and prompt response!

Separately, I want to turn to the Russians: all my life I speak Russian, my whole family, all my relatives speak Russian. No one has ever harassed us based on the language issue! The Kharkiv region, where I have been living for 47 years, has always been Russian-speaking in Ukraine, there were, I repeat - there were a lot of people who were very kind to your country. Now they are few. Those who treated your country well now hate it...those who did not love your country before, I can't even find a term to describe the attitude of Ukrainians towards Muscovites now. But!!! It's not too late to stop! Come out to protest, don't be silent! Do not become silent accomplices of your Botax dwarf and his mustachioed henchman! Make your choice - you will exist with it until the end of your life!